HGH vs HCG : How are they different?

Have you ever been asking yourself this important question? Here is an overview that you should know:

Human growth hormone (HGH) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and are common types of hormones that have become popular in the health & fitness circuits. The human body often naturally produces each however; they greatly vary in their individual functions. Before using them, you should understand their differences especially when you need the best ways to enhance your health in an amazing way.

HCG is the hormone that women produce during the early pregnancy stages, immediately following a conception. This production of HCG often takes place about eleven days after a conception. According to information from the American Pregnancy Association (APG), hCG production often continues to occur through the pregnancy period, with the highest levels being produced in between weeks eight and eleven; hCG levels begin to peter out through the remainder of the pregnancy before eventually dissipating. The hormone is very important since it helps in proper functioning of the body.

The main purpose of hCG hormone in pregnant mothers is always to assist nourish at the same time sustain the embryo developing. HCG strengthens the inner walls of a woman’s womb. In addition, it helps in protecting the unborn baby. Other common uses of the HCG hormone during pregnancies include regulating the metabolism, which makes it easier for all pregnant mothers to offer adequate nourishment for their babies, at the same time reducing the food cravings levels.

When a woman take it as a dietary supplement, e.g. as a pill/supplement to this HCG Diet, this hormone often sends signals to the part of the brain called hypothalamus thus helping in the breakdown excessive body fats before converting it to fuel to be used within the body as an energy source. This makes it a perfect weight loss fast product that people should know especially when looking for ways to enhance their health.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone that the body produces naturally. It often occurs when a person is younger and its production slowly decreases as people start to age. The pituitary gland which is part of the brain often secrets HGH that fuels childhood development and growth. It also helps to maintain healthy organs and tissues. Scientific studies and researches often relate the HGH loss to our weight gain and aging metabolic slowdown.

HGH is known to help stimulate an increase in production of muscle mass at the same time reducing body fat. Several factors that help in stimulation of HGH without any supplementation are exercise, sleep, and dietary protein. Oftentimes, it is much similar to HCG especially when adding HGH Supplementation into your daily diet, there’s no presence of this hormone unless one takes it by injections.

In short, HCG as one dietary supplement, which is used when attacking fat deposits before converting to fuel necessary for the body. On the other hand, HGH is a dietary supplement used in the breakdown excess fats before converting it to more lean muscles mass.

Therefore, every hormone often clearly serves their unique distinct functions in the body and there have many controversial studies and claims relating to the known impact on supporting health as well as well-being and reversing the process of aging. HCG are always used for body builders whereas the HCG hormone is among the important components many use when coming up with an excellent HCG weight loss program. It is important that you know the difference between the two especially when looking for ways to enhance your health accordingly.

In the past, many athletes have been banned away from their sports after testing positive for presence of every hormone. Each of these hormones should be taken or used with an extreme caution especially after conducting a thorough research. When one use these supplementing diets with any of the hormones, he or she may fall victim of numerous controversial claims, yet the proponents of every state, which they offer body-altering results at the same time helping to support well-being and a longevity life. One should always get help from people or medical experts who understand the difference between the two hormones before using any.

In conclusion, the information should illustrate the facts about HGH vs HCG hormone as well as how they are different.

3 Ways to Maintain HGH Levels without Supplements

Human Growth Hormone levels have direct impact on growth, body composition, metabolism and cell repair in the human body system. HGH is a growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Although there are renowned supplements that can help maintain high growth hormone levels in the body, other methods such as high-intensity exercises also work well for most people and can naturally increase HGH concentrations. Here are the top 3 ways to maintain HGH levels without using supplements.

1. High-Intensity Workouts

Exercises done at a fast pace with little break intervals can significantly raise HGH levels. If you reduce food intake during the workout sessions, increase the intensity with every step and put more psychological effort to the exercises, the body will release more HGH hormones and drastically improve growth and development of important body muscles. For example, if you are weightlifting, try to limit the rest periods and increase loads little by little until you feel like the body cannot hold anymore. A high intensity workout improves on metabolism by releasing more lactic acid which results into increased production of the growth hormone. Exercises also help in reducing fat deposits in the body and fully optimize the pituitary gland functions and can in the long-term help improve development of body parts if done regularly. It is important to make proper use of your training sessions by reducing break intervals and increasing pace to maintain high GH levels. If possible, you should avoid eating high-carb foods immediately after an exercise session. Such foods result into production of high insulin levels that limit the release of growth hormones by the body system.

2. Intermittent Fasting to Lose Body Fat

Increased body fat is one of the major factors that cause low HGH levels. Intermittent fasting targeting dietary habits and limiting eating to short periods can help maintain high levels of growth hormone. When your body accumulates more fat deposits, the pituitary gland reduces production and subsequent release of HGH hormone. This can negatively affect your growth patterns. Fasting intermittently puts pressure on your body system to periodically use stored fatty deposits that hamper production of HGH. When these fat deposits are used in large numbers, the body releases more growth hormone components just like you ardently desire. Fasting can also help keep your insulin levels low for a better part of the day. Insulin is often released when you eat. Increased insulin can disrupt the production growth hormones by the human body. For example, eating only 500-600 calories of food every week is an intermittent fasting practice that you can easily take up and help your body increase HGH levels in a natural way.

3. Improve your Sleeping Habits

Poor sleep can significantly reduce the levels of growth hormone in your body. Majority of HGH is released when you are fast asleep. This is usually done just before midnight or very early in the morning. You should get adequate sleep each day in order to fully optimize HGH release and the positive impacts on your body. Avoid eating heavy food just before retiring to bed. High-carb food products often result into production of more insulin during metabolism. With this increased production of insulin, your body will tend to disrupt the release of HGH. You should also avoid taking caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee before going to bed. Such drinks will keep your mind active for the most part of the night and therefore reduce the quality of sleep you get. Sleeping for around 8-10 uninterrupted hours everyday can significantly help maintain high HGH levels. You should also make sure that your bedroom and beddings are always clean and comfy. Avoid sleeping with the radio or TV set turned on with loud volume. This will greatly reduce the chances of your sleep being interrupted and therefore bring about flawless release of growth-inducing HGH hormones every night.

Lastly, it is important to realize that these natural ways of increasing HGH levels can only be effective if enough effort is put towards them. You should not expect rapid result if you ignore one or more of these tips. It is also important to reduce your daily sugar intake. Foods rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates result into production of more insulin which prevents the release of more HGH by the pituitary gland.

5 Reasons for Men to try HGH Therapy

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a growth hormone that is secreted naturally by the pituitary gland (a tiny endocrine gland found at the base of the brain). This hormone plays a key role in the growth and maintenance of healthy human tissue, as well as cell regeneration. As men age (just like women), the level of HGH produced by their bodies decrease. This brings along numerous side effects like baldness, loss of libido, decreased mass strength and mass, memory loss, depression and weakness among others.

HGH therapy boosts energy and gives men the physical capability to perform well in sports. That is why you’ve probably seen sportsmen undergoing HGH treatment during training. However, this is not the only positive effect this hormone has on men. Here are five more reasons why men should try HGH therapy:

Decreases Fat Accumulation and Increases Lean Muscle Mass

A decrease in the levels of HGH in men leads to increased fat mass, especially around the abdominal region. As you may already know, stomach fat is associated with serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. The good news is that men who are treated with growth hormone therapy have reported a dramatic change in the composition of their bodies. By this, I mean that they experience a significant reduction in body fat, which in turn improves their overall health. Researchers have found that men who combine HGH therapy and exercise experience a higher decrease in fat mass compared to those who use the therapy alone.

If you’ve always wanted to be lean, muscular and strong but have not been able to achieve this through exercises and diet, then try HGC therapy. That is because it also enhances the physical capacity of men by increasing muscle strength and mass and stimulating the synthesis of collagen in the tendons and skeletal muscle. This leads to a sexier body that is able to perform better in sports and other physical activities.

Improves Sexual Performance

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is one of the common health problems facing men as they grow older. This is mainly due to the decreased levels of testosterone hormone in their bloodstream. Most men usually suffer in silence because of how embarrassed this problem makes them feel. But, that’s not all. Men with erectile dysfunction may also go through separations or divorce when they fail to satisfy their female partners sexually, something that leaves them feeling very depressed. Luckily, HGH therapy is very effective in boosting a man’s libido and promoting stronger and longer erections. This makes it a natural treatment option worth considering for those who suffer from impotence.

Accelerates Healing Of Injuries And Wounds

This is another reason why men, especially those that engage in different sports or intense workout routines should try HGH therapy. Injuries are sometimes unavoidable when you are physically active. To make matters worse, the natural healing process of the body can take several weeks or months depending on your level of fitness, genetics and overall health. Researchers have found that topical application of this growth hormone considerably speeds up the healing process of injuries, wounds, bones and fractures without systemic side effects.

Reverses Aging Skin And Promotes Thicker And Healthier Hair Growth

As men age, their skin becomes thinner and more wrinkled. Growth hormone therapy is effective in reversing the signs of aging skin and promoting a more youthful and beautiful appearance. Men who undergo this therapy usually notice significant positive changes after only a few weeks of treatment. This includes improvement in the texture, elasticity, color and thickness of the skin. HGH also increases collagen production, which in turn, reduces sagging and makes the skin tighter and more youthful.

At the same time, taking HGH also reverses hair loss in men. It encourages the growth of new hair that is stronger, healthier and thicker.

Improves Sleeping Patterns and Mood

Symptoms of HGH deficiency such as impotence usually make most men sad, depressed and irritable, something that impacts their overall quality of life negatively. The good news is that growth hormone therapy can make such men feel good about themselves once again. It not only induces sounder and more restful sleep but also boosts the level of good feel chemicals, endorphin. This results in a better mood and less stress in men.

Try HGC therapy and enjoy the above benefits and much more. Read about our recommended hgh supplements and get started today.

What you Need to Know About Homeopathic HGH

Also referred as somatotropin, homeopathic HGH is simply a peptide hormone which is responsible in stimulating growth, cell regeneration, and cell reproduction not only in human beings but also in other animals. This growth hormone is produced by a part of the brain referred as pituitary gland. Basically, once the levels of HGH start declining in your brain, medics recommend that you use appropriate supplements that can stimulate your brain’s pituitary gland so that it can produce easily larger reserves of Human Growth Hormone. However, the supplements you consider buying should be genuine and must come from a legit manufacturer so that you can avoid purchasing counterfeit supplements that can harm your body in the long run.

How Does Homeopathic HGH Work?

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that has been proved to be an effective and safe way that can assist the body in numerous ways. Several components of homeopathic HGH formulas are extracted directly from different active ingredients which are responsible in stimulating a person’s body healing mechanism. The ingredients thus enable an individual’s body to heal itself and thus restore itself to the normal health it requires to be active. Some of the different ingredients being discussed that are used to make Homeopathic HGH supplements include;

*Panax ginseng

This ingredient is used to improve a person’s psycho- logic function, immune function, exercise performance as well as the conditions that are often associated with diabetes.

*Schisandra chinensis

This active ingredient has got the potential of increasing physical working capacity.

*Saw palmetto

This ingredient is used to treat several kinds of prostate infections including prostate cancer.

*Mucuna pruriens

The ingredient is believed to have the potential of increasing libido due to the dopamine inducing features it posses.

What are the Benefits you’ll Experience by Using Homeopathic HGH?

*Improve your Immune System

First and foremost, homeopathic HGH will improve your immune system and thus you’ll be able to fight several kinds of disorders such as diabetes from invading your body.

*Healing Wounds

Incase you’ve got old wounds; consider using homeopathic HGH since it can get rid of them within a very short time period.

*Stabilizing your Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure will be stabilized by supplements and thus you will reduce the chances of experiencing high blood pressure or low blood pressure once you consider using supplements. Other benefits associated with using Homeopathic HGH include;

*Restoring the natural color of your hair incase you’ve got grey hair

*Ensuring that your body is often much more contoured

*Toning of muscles thus making a person to experience significant weight lose

*Reducing the appearance of the wrinkles present in your body. However, despite the fact that homeopathic HGH carries numerous merits, it carries a few demerits as well. Let us have a look at some of them.



What are the Side Effects of Homeopathic HGH?

Once you commence using homeopathic HGH, you will likely experience overt effects like upset stomach, stronger heart beat, joint pins and aches, etc. Generally, it is recommended that once you begin experiencing such side effects you reduce the dose or stop making use of the supplement for several days.

However, despite experiencing the effects, medics have confirmed that such experiences is a positive indication that your body is favorably responding to the homeopathic growth hormone supplement and you’ll most likely experience the benefits its is meant to offer after a short time period from the time you start using it.

What will Help Me Know that you’re Buying Genuine Homeopathic HGH Supplements?

Tip# 1: Researching Online

The internet can offer you with any information you may wish to know about what homeopathic HGH is. Basically, all you’ll need to do when researching online is goggling “Different Online Suppliers Dealing with Genuine Homeopathic HGH Supplements” and a list of the suppliers to put into consideration will be offered.

Tip# 2: Knowledge and Reference

Friends or close business associates who’ve recently purchased supplements can help you locate a genuine person to consider promoting. These people should alert you about the different suppliers of supplements they know, how reliable their products are as well as how they are benefiting by making use of their products.

Last, but definitely not the least, you should buy the homeopathic HGH supplements from a supplier who assures clients with satisfactory results and the one who sells his/ her products at the recommended price.

HGH vs Steroids – Is there a difference?


Is there any difference between HGH and steroids? There has been great confusion when it comes to these substances. Now let’s take a close look on HGH and steroids. It is also known as Human Growth Hormone, is a synthetic hormone that is similar to HGH that is naturally found in our bodies. On the other hand, Steroids are synthetic substances that are very similar to testosterone.

Are there similarities between HGH and Steroids?

Most people tend to believe that HGH and Steroids are the same. Apart from the two similarities they share, these substances are totally different. What are these similarities? They are both secreted in the human body. In addition, they are both used in body building.

The differences

There is a great difference between the two substances. How are these substances different from each other?muscle-building

Side effects: steroids can lead to undesirable effects on the health of the users. On the other hand, HGH does not have serious side effects apart from mild effects that can pose any health risk to the body.

Absorption: the HGH is easily absorbed in the body because it is similar to the hormone produced in the pituitary gland. Conversely, it is harder to absorb the steroids because of their molecular structure. In this case, steroids are usually injected directly into the veins.

Risks: unlike steroids, growth hormone is safer since there are less of risks of spreading infections through injection needles.

Cost: HGH is more cost effective than Steroids. In this case, users are likely to get easily at an affordable price.

Addiction: Growth Hormone is not addictive as compared to steroids. Unlike steroids, HGH has no risks of withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Medicinal uses: steroids are valuable in treating a number of health conditions around the world. On the other hand, HGH is not used for any medical purposes.

Efficiency: HGH takes time to produce significant results while steroids work within short time. People who use HGH may take several months to achieve noticeable results. On the other hand, the steroid can produce visible results in few weeks.

Side effects

As we have seen, growth hormone has mild side effects that do not pose any threat to the health. In this case, we are going to at the side effects of steroids.

When used excessively, steroids can cause serious side effects that may be irreversible. In men, it can lead to impotence, breast development, difficulty in urinating and alteration of testicle size. On the other hand, it can lead to deepened voice, reduction of breast size, facial hair, and menstrual changes in women. However, there are common side effects that occur in both men and women. These include acne, excessive weight, weakened tendons, heart attacks, strokes, and sleep problems.


Though they are both used for building muscle, there is a great difference between HGH and steroids. HGH is milder but can take longer to produce noticeable results. On the other hand, steroids work more quickly but they have serious side effects. Moreover, it is important to note that steroids without prescription are illegal in most countries.

Best Foods to Increase HGH Levels Naturally


HGH is a substance that is naturally produced by the body, specifically by the anterior pituitary gland. The HGH craze has been around for a while and it isn’t likely to dissipate anytime soon.

There are a number of health benefits that have been imputed to Human Growth Hormones, this including cell regeneration in the heart, kidney, liver and various other important organs.

Along with regulating the quantities of fat circulating in the body and managing muscle growth, the synthetic HGH industry has gained considerable popularity over the last few years, primarily because people cannot get enough of HGH.

However, before you expose yourself to needles for the sake of acquiring you regular treatment of HGH, keep in mind that there are many natural ways of increasing the HGH levels in your body that do not require you to suffer the side effects which are often associated with synthetic HGH.

Rather than spending your hard earned money on artificially crafted treatments in order to benefit from heightened growth hormone levels, why not simply try eating the following foods, many of which have been scientifically proven to naturally boost HGH levels:

1). Eggs

Eggs are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Human Growth Hormones. However, Eggs are home to high-quality proteins. They also possess various types of vitamins, this including DEA and EPA, which have been known to boost growth hormone quantities in the body.

2). Pineapple

Did you know that pineapples can boost HGH levels? According to nutritionists, pineapples, when eaten before going to bed, can not only increase serotonin and melatonin levels, this along with boosting testosterone, but they will also increase the body’s production of growth hormone.

3). Yoghurt

Yoghurt isn’t exactly a food. However, it is a great tool for anyone looking to boost HGH. Yoghurt is useful in this arena because it contains L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine has been scientifically proven to boost the production of growth hormone. Of course, for the best results, you must endeavour to eat organic and unpasteurized yoghurt.

4). Goji Berries

If you want to increase your body’s growth hormone levels, then Goji Berries are a must. These berries contain an impressive number of amino acids. They also contain several fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, this perfectly positioning Goji berries to stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone.

It should also be noted that Goji Berries contain L-Arginine and L-Glutamine, two substances directly linked to HGH production in the body.

Goji berries will drastically boost your body’s ability to naturally produce growth hormone.

5). Whey Protein

The reason bodybuilders are so obsessed with whey protein is because it contains amino acids that can noticeably increase HGH production in the body. It isn’t enough to consume whey protein, though. Rather, whey protein consumption should be complemented with proper exercise in order to boost HGH production.

6). Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate is very rich in Tryptophan, a substance that can excite the pituitary gland, causing it to produce growth hormone (and dopamine) in greater levels than normal. Raw chocolate will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Along with beef, watermelon, nuts and coconut oils to mention but a few, there are so many foods that can help your body naturally boost its HGH levels that it makes little sense to risk your health with synthetic HGH treatments.

Buying HGH Supplements

Many prefer using HGH Supplements or Injections because it’s the fastest way to get the results you want. If you are curious about hgh supplements, we have a detailed guide just for you where you will be able to properly educate yourself on hgh use and hgh supplements that are available for sale.